120 Seconds with Matt Pinfield

Matt Pinfield

120 Seconds with Matt Pinfield



I first heard Matt on the radio waves in NJ. I remember thinking, this guy really knows music and his passion comes through like no other DJ I was hearing. The others seemed scripted, and Matt was someone with whom I could identify. Then some years went by, and I saw him on MTV 120 Minutes. I remember thinking that was the DJ on the radio I once heard. To now see his passion with the artists and the music was very relatable and inspiring. Quite a few years went by and I joined Twitter to create a music page. Then I see Matt again and can interact. His love for music is a positive daily feed.   


Who, when and where was your first memorable concert?

Matt: Queen – A Night at the Opera at the Beacon Theater in NYC (1976)

Favorite Beatles album?

Matt: Rubber Soul, Revolver then the White Album

What is your favorite moment from 120 Minutes?

Matt: The minute they told me the show was mine to host.

What was the first album you bought and the last?

Matt: The first was David Bowie – Diamond Dogs and the last was Jack White – Fear of the Dawn (both on vinyl).

What musician(s) do you wish you could have interviewed?

Matt: I wish I had interviewed John Lennon and Keith Moon.

What is your favorite album of all time?

Matt: Too many to mention, but here are a few early ones. The Who - Quadrophenia, David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust and The Clash - London Calling.

How do you prefer your eggs cooked?

Matt: Over Medium like my T shirts.

Fan Question submitted by Ryan on Twitter (@rymckmaneuver)

Out of all the concerts/events you have attended what was your favorite concept? And is there one you would wish to create?

Matt: I loved the early Lollapaloozas. Working at the Tibetan Freedom Concert, Live 8 and Rock in Rio. My dream festival would start with having me reunited with some of my old favorites like The Smiths and The Jam -who I saw multiple times in their prime. Paul at Coachella has made offers several times to both bands and they continue to turn them down.

Thanks Matt 🎧